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Sharjah Award cordially invited the presence of our colleagues Mr. Mahmoud A.Z. Abu Gwella, Marketing & Business Development Manager of “SDG” to attended The Sharjah Award Conference held in Ajman for Umm Al Quwain & Ajman Educational Zone and to be one of the Guest Speaker to update every individual attendees on detailed description pertaining to the new website, electronic registration and election system.

The purpose of launching this conference is to deliver more information about the New Electronic Registration and Election System for Sharjah Educational Award.

Opening remarks was given to Mr. Hussein Al Johary – CEO of Sharjah Education Award who presented brief description about the new system and to focus on the participation of Sharjah Education Award and Educational Development process inside UAE. During the ceremony participants starts to raise questions and answers which were diligently responded professionally. and beforehand he closes his speech, Mr Al Johary extended his gratitude and thanks to Seventh Dimension eGlobal (SDG) who had assisted them on the New Website, Electronic registration & Election System, represented by the Marketing & Business Development Manager, Mr. Mahmoud A.Z Abu Gwella.

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On Mr. Mahmoud Gwella speech he briefly explains how the new system will facilitate and contribute on the registration and election cycle and shares the detailed process of the Intelligent Forms. He noted to everyone the advantage of this new system that will surely be easier for participants, Educational Zone, Evaluators and Sharjah Educational Award Management. Questions and answers was raised during the ceremony that formulate individual to be aware of the New Electronic Registration & Election System.

Ms. Fatima the Website Supervisor of Sharjah Educational Award also shared her vision as she mentioned the value of the system from her own view as a winner and one of the Sharjah Education Award participants. Moreover she represent additional communication services in the website such as” Kolona Maak” which means dedicated services to respond on participants inquiries.