Enterprise Resource Planning  
SDG Allow businesses to manage all of their operations through our integrated solution "ERP". It is intelligent tool to integrate all your business management needs. Fully integrated manufacturing management system specifically designed to be easy to customize, use, and implement. It creates a disciplined environment in which decisions concerning supply and demand are fully supported by fact. Our comprehensive management information can achieve advanced improvements in overall business performance in every size of organizations (Large, Medium, Small, and Factories).
  Does your company need an ERP software solution? Answer…!!!

1 .Is your company burdened by multiple data sources that you can't integrate?

2 .Are you losing time and money by duplicating order entries and business processes throughout your enterprise?

3 .Are timely customer delivery and inventory stocking procedures getting to be more than your current system can handle?

4 .Do you have multiple warehouses that share resources or do you frequently do business in multi-currency, multi-tax environment?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then your enterprise may want to consider investing in our ERP Solution.

One of the reasons businesses look into an ERP installation is that their enterprise is experiencing difficulty in integrating the information they have stored in widely diverse applications that can't "talk" to one another. Organizations within a company may even use different programs to perform the same functions. When you install an ERP application you solve many of your information integration problems. Another important benefit of ERP systems was that it allows companies to replace a tangle of complex computer applications with a single, integrated system.

Our ERP system was built to adapt to your business structure because we know that every company has unique needs. Our ERP is not only easy to use; we also make it easy to change your ERP implementation decisions at a later time. We know that every company grows and changes and we created software that can adapt with you.

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